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Finch's Custom Jewelry
My name is Milton C. Finch, aka Wizard. I'm a silversmith and jeweler with 20+ years in the trade. Originally from Las Vegas, I was taught to make silver jewelry from a craftsman with 45 years experience. First I learned stone cutting and polishing, then silver mountings from scratch. Later, I went to a few schools to learn reprose and chaseing, then casting and wax design. I do all my own casting, wax designs (free hand or from catalogs), stone cutting, polishing, and settings. I also do all phases of gold and silver repair, in front of the customer, and in an open shop.

This bear claw necklace and bracelet is completely hand made. All silver work was hand formed, including the beads. The set took approximately 2 years to make. The stones are natural turquoise from Nevada from the Anjax mine just outside of Tonopah. The turquoise has a wonderful green color with a little matrix.

These stones pictured on the right are all turquoise recovered from various mines in Nevada and Arizona . Most are natural, not stabilized.

These stones on the left are opals from Australia, except for the one on the lower right. The top row are all Boulder Opal from Queensland, Australia. The white base material in the center row came from Coober Pedy. The bottom row is Crystal from Lighting Ridge, except the one on the end, that stone is a stable Black from Virgin Valley, Nevada. All are gem grade material and are but a small sample of what I have to offer.

The gold nuggets you see are from 2 local rivers here in Oregon, the Sixes and Elk. The small bottle weighs about 1 ounce. All together they weigh over 4 ounces. The left and right rings are silver with nuggets, the center ring is gold with nuggets. I work in gold and silver for the most part, and incorporate the nuggets into bracelets, earrings, pendants, rings, broaches, or just about anything I or my customers can think of!

All pieces made by the Wizard carry a life time warranty, in gold or silver. If you chose opal jewelry, then you are assured of a quality opal that is stable and guaranteed against cracking or crazing under normal wear. Send me an idea or a drawing and I'll get back to you with a price quote either in gold or silver. All custom pieces require a 50% deposit. After delivery, I will give you 30 days to decide if the piece is what you want or we can modify it to your needs at no extra charge. If you are looking for hand crafted jewelry, a quality piece that you can pass on to another generation, then the Wizard is the one to make it for you!

Finch's  Custom  Jewelry
2137 Highway 101

P.O. Box 1092
Port Orford, Oregon  97465
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